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Music and Mountains is an innovative, creative learning music project for primary schools which combines a rich creative process with a high quality product. The project is led by composer and animateur, Matilda Brown who works with pupils to create original compositions inspired by the Scottish landscape and their view of the world around them. Music and Mountains has been delivered with Aberdeenshire Council for the past four years working with many primary schools across the region.

The project takes place over 2-3 months and involves pupils generating ideas, translating these into music and artistic expression and finally, performing their new work. Children can explore their creative ideas through instruments, singing, conducting and utilising state of the art music technology such as Soundbeam 5, Logic, and Thumbjam on iPads. The project culminates in a performance for family, friends and the public in a professional concert venue. Musicians from the Matilda Brown Ensemble support the performance and the final stages of rehearsal to add an extra dimension to the pupils’ creations. Pupils work alongside the professional musicians in rehearsal and performance with a professional sound team managing the balance and set-up.


From August 2017, Music and Mountains will be touring local authorities across Scotland – would you like to get involved? For more information or to discuss booking Music and Mountains for your pupils – Please use the contact form


Music and Mountains Exhibition Panel Pdf

What do pupils say about Music and Mountains?
“I love this way of making music. I’ve never done it like this before. Are we going to do more with you?” Pupil from Cragievar Primary School

“Sometimes I couldn’t hear when to come in but I practised and got used to all the different things I needed to hear. I don’t know what I’ll do when you leave. I loved it so much.”
Pupil from Cragievar Primary School

“I liked the fact we could make up our own music with Matilda. I liked working with Jo and Mairearad. They helped me to keep in time and to make our own piece up in pairs. Playing the drum on stage in front of the audience was exciting and I will remember it.”
Pupil from Logie Coldstone Primary School

What do teachers say about Music and Mountains?

“We thoroughly enjoyed your first visit yesterday. It was such a pleasure to meet you and to observe the amazing things that you managed to achieve with the children. They are all very excited about the project and can’t wait for you to come back! Every school should be getting Matilda and this project!”

Teacher from Strathdon

I would just like to say a big thank you to you both, we have had a wonderful 2 weeks working on the project. The performance this afternoon, in the round, with changes and switches, went like a dream. The audience spoke very positively of the performance and I was extremely impressed with what every child achieved. The pupils have loved the experience of creating their own music, using their own instruments and the team work involved was fantastic.”

Teacher from Criagievar Primary School


“All the staff at the school were very impressed and we would definitely recommend this music programme to other Primary Schools.”

Teacher from Logie Coldstone Primary School


“I wanted the children to experience writing their own pieces of music, and playing. This project more than exceeded my expectations!! Matilda was fabulous with the children and they all played confidently.”