Since 2010, The Matilda Brown Ensemble has performed across Scotland in many venues and festivals including the Sound Festival, Dundee Mountain Film Festival and the Just Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Cottiers Theatre and the Queens Hall, Edinburgh. These concerts are directly inspired by Matilda’s passion for walking, exploring and bothying in the Scottish Highlands. Each concert is a musical and visual tale grounded in the physical experiences of the Scottish wilderness – the places, memories and thoughts from a person walking alone and of those who she meets on the way. The Matilda Brown Ensemble has a long-standing partnership with photographer Nick Rawle, whom Matilda walks with on many trips. Nick’s photographs are incorporated into concerts as both stills and moving image, and often – these photographs inspire Matilda’s own composition process.

The Matilda Brown Ensemble combines a diverse and electrifying group of musicians from a wide variety of music genres spanning classical, jazz, and folk. The line-up varies depending on the music and project. Each musician brings a unique style and sound to The Matilda Brown Ensemble resulting in an exciting, innovative and unique sound world.

Matilda Brown ensemble currently includes Matilda Brown – piano, vocals, computer, Graeme Stephen – jazz guitar; Julie Aitken – flute; Ruth Rowlands – cello; Davide Rinaldi – drums; and Mairearad Green – accordion.

Each member of Matilda’s ensemble has years of experience working in music education and performance art, and are able to improvise and explore the creative process of music making with adults and children.


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