Follow Jasper’s 500 mile adventure through Scotland

Jasper is taking his owner, Composer Matilda Brown on a journey – a great walk, an adventure. In September 2019, the duo will walk the length of Scotland, self sufficient, carrying everything they need on their backs! It will be Jasper and Matilda’s own route.

During their walk Matilda will be composing and performing music and Jasper is going to help! She will certainly be inspired by his shenanigans along the way! She has selected six local communities along her path where these performances will take place. Matilda will also invite members of her ensemble, local musicians and children to play with her in each community. Jasper will be happy to help and support all those who are performing, and maybe he’ll get a song written by Matilda to participate in!!

Matilda and Jasper have already engaged with the communities and schools surrounding each venue. In total there will be 6 themes assigned to 6 communities/venues. Jasper’s main role is to be a loyal companion, to make Matilda laugh on the way and motivate her to keep going. Sometimes he will be annoying, especially if he gets soaked and decides to make his bed on her sleeping bag and take up all the space! He will also be a good guard dog and a wonderful ambassador in meeting friends and new people along the way!

Matilda promises to look after Jasper and make sure he has enough to eat on his 500 mile trek. He will be familiar with some of the paths and areas – Since Matilda and Jasper became a walking duo in 2014, he has had many mini adventures throughout Scotland and knows how to pace himself. Matilda can’t thank Dogs Trust enough for Jasper and the work and care they put in to his initial training.

Matilda will be walking through Glasgow for the Hidden Gardens event and will be passing Muirend’s Discount Pet Supplies who will be giving them some food and drink to help them on their way. Matilda and Jasper have been using Discount Pet Supplies for many years and are so grateful for their support. Make use of your unique discount code for 10% off next order over £20 valid until 20/09/19 – one per household. Code SS10.

Matilda and Jasper will be kitted out in fair weather days with Dogs Trust T-shirts and hope you will help Dogs Trust by sponsoring them or donating at the events.