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“I wanted to experience what the rhythm of walking would feel like, emotionally and physically, after days upon days of walking through Scotland’s wilderness on my own. It was important to me to carry my pack with everything I needed each day too. I was seeking adventure and solitude.”

Matilda Brown April 2014


Footsteps Marking Time is the result of a year-long collaboration between choreographer Joan Clevillé and Glasgow-based composer Matilda Brown.

The work is inspired by two parallel endurance experiences: Matilda’s solo walk of the Cape Wrath Trail (238 miles across the Scottish Highlands), and Joan’s voluntary ‘confinement’ in a studio in the remote peninsula of Scoraig. Both journeys happened simultaneously during three weeks in spring 2014.

After the walk, Matilda and Joan shared their findings and stories – their trials and tribulations, the people they met, the trees, the birds, the solitude. Together they worked in various locations across Scotland – Dundee, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Loch Tay- in a series of residencies organised with the support of Citymoves, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Scottish Dance Theatre and Forestry Commission Scotland.

The final performance took place at The Macphail Centre in Ullapool, a town in the middle point of the Cape Wrath Trail, featuring live music by Matilda’s chamber ensemble and visuals by Edinburgh-based artist Ger O’Brien.

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