Matilda is about to embark on a journey – a great walk, an

In Autumn 2019, Matilda walked the length of Scotland, solo, self sufficient, carrying everything she needed on her back, without any ‘expedition’ support. She walked over mountains, through valleys, towns and one city – The city of Glasgow. She walked through some of the most beautiful and desolate wilderness of Scotland. It will be Matilda’s own route – linking old paths to make a new path.

During her walk Matilda composed and performed music with musicians in six unique places across Scotland. The music emerged and developed through the people she met, the landscapes she passed in and through, the thoughts that ran through her head – her mind turning over like her feet stepping one foot in front of the other.

In 2020, Matilda will be writing a series of short pieces inspired by this walk which will be touring in 2020 and 2021 with The Matilda Brown Ensemble.

Throughout the journey, Matilda shared regular updates via her Alongside Autumn Blog You can listen to Matilda live on her walk here of have a read in this interview with Countryfile Magazine.