“Though patience be a tired mare, yet she will plod”

Recently, a friend asked me where are my blogs!? And I thought “what do I write each day? My thoughts?” Those are mainly about slugs invading my tent, bogs, when the rain is coming, and if I should walk a bit further to cross rivers before more rains descends. Then there are the silly thoughts about my pinky toe falling off and altogether bigger thoughts about love. That’s it.

I actually enjoyed walking north of Glasgow and onto the West Highland way. There was pleasure in the disappearing city. Then giggles as a group of lads passed me without packs and listening to music on their phones. I never did see them on the path again. Maybe they went ahead or stayed in the pub! Sorry guys if you made it!! I met some lovely people on the West Highland Way. I always said I’d never do it because it looked like a dull path running parallel to the road, but it was really enjoyable and different to my usual routes. I walked further each day because it was flat and the terrain was easy.

To Adam -wherever you are now – it was good to meet you. A young person who isn’t on the conveyor belt of life. I’ll probably get a row for saying that – I know lots people don’t have other options and enjoy the stability but it’s not my choice. Adam, you have an adventurous spirit with the focus to go your own way as much as the system lets you. I do admire that when I meet younger people.

Brown Dog chilling.

Oh and back to the route. After the West Highland Way, I took the little ferry across to Moidart and walked up Cona Glen which is now part of the Cape Wrath route. It was a hot day and I was so slow but got a nice phone call from Tom – the deer stalker – wanting to know more about the Attadale Estate event. I realised I had the Glenfinnan event the next day, camped by the river too early and marched forth to Glenfinnan in the early morning in the day of the event. Got there “on time” – haha. It was such a lovely event. Around 20 people made it to the bothy and we had an impromptu concert about Bob the bothy mouse, cattle chasing jasper and walking slow and taking in the beautiful views.

I had a rest day and met another couple of girls walking some good distances and then went north. Those were hard days. The week before my period is not a good time to walk a long way! But complaining over it was where I wanted to be. Becoming remote and following my own route over to Kinbreak bothy, Loch Quoich then Glen Loyne and over to near Clunaie Inn where I camped in the rain and met super fit Loes from the Netherlands. I wonder, Loes, if you have got to Cape Wrath? I walked the north west valley of Glen Affric , east of Cambem bothy and west of the youth hostel. No paths for ages it seemed and then down over the coffin path to Iron Lodge and Maol Bhudihe bothy where I met a couple of German guys in trainers with light weight packs and happy!

Brown dog has been living it up and enjoying everything but he’s very tired. He now goes into the tent as soon as I pitch it even with the doors open and waits for me to put his roll mat down so he can sleep on that. He waits for me at river crossings and comes back and walks behind me once he has found the route over himself! He’s taken to this trip. What are we going to do when we get back?